7K is a full-service arch and design studio based in Toronto, ON.  From residential to commercial projects, new builds and rebuilds, the team at 7K works closely with all their clients and trades to guarantee exceptional outcome for every project.

Our ability to openly collaborate or to fully take over any project, makes us flexible in all scenarios that we are put in. Our passion for design and order has given us an edge in an industry that has turned to speed and quantity.

7K is a studio built on creative collaboration and team harmony that manifest amazing outcomes every time out.

Our mission is not about how we can help create a better space for our clients, but how to provide them with a better life they never through possible through 7K design.


The clientele for 7K is a exclusive group of individuals that appreciates design and trusts the process of achieving the creative means.  Our clients don’t want nor seek normality. What they want is timelessness and meaningful designs that goes beyond what they can imagine and it is with their trust and patience, that 7K can help them achieve something amazing and one of a kind.